Concert season 2020-2021 is coming

On the 29th of September the start of our new concert season takes place. We are delighted to finally be able to organise concerts. We have missed it!

From our own initiatives to new productions from home and abroad; we worked hard to create a versatile program. There is a lot to experience this season: our series at Het Cenakel is running at full speed again, concerts of the Tilburg City Composer, and we start a new series of concerts in various exhibition spaces in Brabant this fall. On our new website you can find a complete overview of all activities, where it is easy to order tickets and reserve seats. Also you can find information about how we collectively make the concerts possible during the corona measures. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and brochure.

We want to put our shoulders under it to maintain a blooming contemporary music scene and can offer you a pleasant evening.

We welcome you to our concerts!

Kind regards,
Nicoline Soeter and Merijn Bisschops

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