Ives Ensemble: Bailie & Miller (19:00 uur)

Datum: 27 oktober 2020

Aanvang: 19:00 uur
Location: Het Cenakel, Tilburg

Discount pass: Subscription 2020-2021, We Are Public, (reservation required)

Extra info: Corona protocol

Price: €20,00 | student €10,00


Ives Ensemble: Bailie & Miller

The Ives Ensemble will perform the first international commission by De Link, Perfect Offering by Cassandra Miller. She built her composition around a song in which Leonard Cohen expressed a glimmer of hope. In another commissioned work Joanna Bailie uses sounds of distant traffic, which acquire a musical character.

De Link commissioned the Canadian-British composer Cassandra Miller to write Perfect Offering, which she completed during the lockdown in the spring of this year. Just like her other contribution to this concert she used existing sound material as her starting point. While this consisted of the songs of four North American thrush species in Warblework, for Perfect Offering she turned to lines from Anthem, a song from 1992 in which Leonard Cohen expressed a vain hope for better times. Miller used her own voice and the image of tolling bells swinging back and forth as basic elements of the music.

The Ives Ensemble will also play a new composition by Joanna Bailie, who utilizes existing sounds, just like Miller. In From above and far away (commissioned by the Eduard van Beinum Fonds) barely audible traffic sounds stir the imagination.

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