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concerten voorstellen

Artiesten met voorstellen voor een concert, kunnen deze aan ons voorleggen. Houd rekening met onze programmering en zorg dat we de benodigde informatie ontvangen:

  • De Link's program consists of professional, contemporary composed music, with a special interest in works from the 21st century.
  • We do not respond to proposals that are outside our area of interest.
  • Make your program as concrete as possible with names of composers and compositions, years and whether premieres apply.
  • Send us links to sound- and video recordings, relevant to your proposal. This can be existing music of the composers and performers , if the works are not finished yet.
  • We are especially interested in projects with contemporeary composed music that focus on innovation of the concert practice, programs regarding a societal theme or combinations of contemporary composed music in combination with other disciplines such as literature, visual arts or a lecture.
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