Artist Residency De Link & AMPA 2021

Patrick Ellis & master studenten

De Link invited composer Patrick Ellis (London, 1994) to be their 2021 artist in residence. In his music one can hear a distinctive personal and original sound. He knows how to work inventively with instruments, and how to keep the overall sound transparent, using hypnotically repetitive motives. He incorporates influences from various genres into his music with a playful and apparently straightforward ease, but the result has a character that is patently his own. He is writing a new piece for one or more AMPA students.

Patrick Ellis

patrick Ellis

Patrick Ellis is a composer who is presently based in Oxfordshire, UK, who has had his music performed in the UK, The Netherlands, the US, Malaysia, Portugal, Australia and Norway. He has had his music performed, recorded and workshopped by many ensembles and soloists, including Orkest de Ereprijs, Residentie Orkest, Kluster 5, The New European Ensemble and The Hodiernal Quartet. His work has been a part of festivals, series and projects including Festival Dag in Branding, Orkest de Erepijs’ Young Composers Meeting, the London New Wind Festival, Ideas of Noise Festival and the Psappha Composing For Scheme. He holds a Masters degree in composition from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague), where he had Martijn Padding and Guus Janssen as his tutors, and a Bachelors degree in composition from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where he was taught by Andrew Hamilton, Seán Clancy, Ed Bennett, Howard Skempton and Michael Wolters.